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Admission Policy

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1. Preamble
The school’s admission policy is based on Act No.27 of 96 of the National Policy Act of 1996 and Act 84 of 1996 of the South African Act of 1996.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework to the school and the School Governing Body for admission of learners to the school in a timely and efficient manner.

3. Administration of Admissions

Parents/Guardians are to apply for admission at the end of the preceding year as determined by the Department Of Education.
No learners seeking admission can be unfairly discriminated against in any way. A learner will be admitted to the total school programme.

4. Documents Required for Admission

A parent must complete an application form for admission which will be made available to him/her by the school.
The completed application form is presented to the school with an official birth certificate, copies of parents’ identity documents and the last school report indicating that the child has been promoted in the last examination.
Learners residing in the area will be given preference for admission so long as there is accommodation available. Learners who live outside the feeder zone are not precluded for seeking admission, but cannot be guaranteed admission. Therefore, the preference order for admission is
i) Learners whose parents live in the feeder zone.
ii) Learners who parents work address is in the feeder zone
iii) Other learners on a first come first served basis

5. Admissions register

An admissions register must be meticulously maintained by the school as a record of all learners admitted to the school. This shall contain the following:-
1) Name, date of birth, date of admission, date of departure of learners and remarks if any, in the remarks column..
All entries will be verified against the birth certificates of learners.

6. Admissions of non-citizens

The South African School’s Act 1996 policy applies equally to non RS.A. citizens so long as parents are in possession of a permit for temporary or permanent residence. Learners classified as illegal aliens must show evidence of application to the Department of Home Affairs to legalise their stay in South Africa.

7. Rights and Obligation of Parents

Parents have an obligation to support their children to attend school regularly.
Parents have to be informed about governance and affairs of the school, including the process of deciding of the school budget.

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