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Mission Statement

We strive to provide life skills and knowledge through the delivery of quality teaching and to strive for Educational Excellence in a safe, healthy, affirming, challenging and democratic learning environment for holistic development of self-disciplined, responsible, worthy, balanced and successful adults.

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Aims and Objectives

This policy provides clarity with regards to:

  • The types of assessment, standardization and monitoring

  • The requirements with regard to recording

  • The methods and procedures for reporting

  • The procedures to be followed in terms of learner absenteeism and non-submission of work

  • The procedures to be followed in dealing with learner irregularities


Vision Statement

We at Reservoir Hills Secondary School believe that:

  • The purpose of assessment is to gather information about learner progress in order to improve teaching and learning.

  • Assessment must provide learners, parents and educators with accurate picture of learner performance in relation to the Critical/Developmental Outcomes and Learning Outcomes of  the National Curriculum Statement.

  • Assessment must inform learning and teaching.


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